Architectural Visualisation Company


Office design has become increasingly creative with new approaches to the workplace, this has led to our involvement in the exciting development of many new office schemes. Computer visualisation is a cost effective way to accurately illustrate a number of design directions for the same space which in turn can spark the imaginations of potential tenants. Public spaces within office buildings have also become more important as breakout spaces and communal meeting areas become more utilised in everyday working life.

Project : Industrial Estate
Client : Hale Architecture
Project : Woluwe
Client : Dunnett Craven
Project : North West
Client : Neat
Project : Mooregate
Client : RLAM
Project : University Offices
Client : Studio 48
Project : Design Offices
Client : SLAB
Project : Minimilist Studio
Client : Studio 48
Project : The Cube
Client : Turnerbates
Project : Iguzzini Lighting
Client : Iguzzini Lighting
Project : Conduit Street
Client : RLAM
Project : Gran Design Offices
Client : Gran Design
Project : Schiphol Offices
Client : Greig & Stephenson
Project : Algorithym
Client : SCG
Project : Schiphol Offices Atrium
Client : Greig & Stephenson
Project : The Royal Institute
Client : Dunnett Craven Architects